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A Christmas of gourmet offerings inside Tarragona and the Costa Brava


A Christmas of gourmet offerings inside Tarragona and the Costa Brava

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  • Dec. 21, 2016

It’s the most important holidays to spend with your family and in them everything happens around the table: Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner, New Year's Eve appetizer ... An authentic festival for which we offer you an alternative of the most gourmet offers.

Well-understood gastronomy is one of the great pleasures of life. A gift for the senses and one of the best ways to enjoy taking care of yourself. Different according to the times of the year, traditional or creative, a special dish can turn any day into something really unique. In winter season and more so Christmas, the food and conversations around the family table are a classic. Although we all fear the excesses, it is true that the culinary caprices in these holidays are a must.

For all those who enjoy a good table and good company, in the hotels in Tarragona of Lu & Bo Hotels we have designed a gourmet Christmas that will be a gift for the most select palates. The most authentic seasonal dishes, the most carefully made stews, special cavas and the usual desserts with a touch of innovation and originality give form to the festive menus that you will find in our establishments during these dates that are so special.

Imagine spending Christmas Eve dining in the dining room of a medieval castle in the heart of Tarragona with a menu designed for the occasion and with typical Catalan dishes prepared in the style of the Middle Ages. In our hotel Castell de Riudabella, located in Vimbodí, a stone's throw from the Monastery of Poblet, you will have the opportunity to live the experience: by booking for this Christmas you will have at your disposal the most select gastronomy, complete breakfasts and, as a finishing touch, the best wines of the area.

Yes, this majestic hotel in Vimbodí has one of the oldest wineries in Tarragona and, each year, produces its own wines. Some are full of body, freshness and flavors that combine with the best of the countryside and the sea.

The flavors of the Mediterranean that bathe the towns of Lloret represent the best way to encounter the essence of this territory in which the products of the sea and the garden have the advantage. In addition to classic seafood, in this area of the Catalan coast we work in the kitchens with ingredients as delicious as the sea urchins and especially the blades, but also you can enjoy the best pieces of cod, monkfish, Norway lobster and squid. All of this is perfectly combined in the most varied menus with dishes such as aubergine carpaccio, seasonal mushrooms and the many products that are collected from the field.

In the restaurant L'Indià del Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa you can enjoy the native product treated with the most delicacy, touches of eclectic inspiration and creativity without limits. You will always find natural ingredients, carefully selected and combined in such a way that they provide a perfect balance, tasty and healthy, in each menu.

This exclusive gastronomic space of reference on Costa Brava is a place where the kitchen of your whole life embraces innovation creating a new universe of pleasures for the senses, full of contrasts of flavors and the subtleties of the native ingredients mixed with the most exotic.

The dining room of the restaurant already represents itself as an experience: it is located in what was the old kitchens of the monastery that now occupies the hotel, an emblematic building in Lloret, surrounded by a spectacular natural environment. In fact, the restaurant has a terrace overlooking the forest.

A perfect place to taste the original recipes that the chef of L'Indià renews every season: creams with vegetables and seafood, fish with garnishes from the 5 continents, high quality meats and the most succulent desserts where citrus plays a fundamental role.

Give yourself unique experiences, give yourself Lu&Bo Hotels .