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Ecotourism zones in Asturias


Ecotourism zones in Asturias

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  • March 29, 2017

Home to the symbolic and majestic Picos in Europe mountain range, Asturias is one of most popular zones in Spain for nature escapes. Its beautiful meadows, infinite beaches, charming cliffs and forests makes this destination a paradise for lovers of ecotourism and sustainable holidays. From our new hotel in Asturias as part of Lu&Bo Hotels, we’re going to let you in on the best ways of enjoying this destination to the fullest.

The nature found in Asturias should be enjoyed leisurely and on a global scale. It can’t be fully understood without knowing the history, traditions, customs and preferences of its people, their character and the rhythms of day-to-day life. Taking all this into account, we, at Lu&Bo Hotels, invite you to immerse yourself in a sustainable escape in Asturias from one of the most authentic places in the destination: the village of Cofiño, in Parres, which is one of the best preserved Asturian towns in the region at present.

Cofiño is located within Asturias, facing the Picos de Europa mountain range, known as the Sierra del Sueve massif. At the foot of this breathtaking limestone mountain range, there is a zone full of meadows and small cottages which are dedicated to breeding livestock and cultivating crops. A sea of emerald green with an infinite multitude of trails across the countryside makes this the perfect spot for photographers or those who love to hike.

Located between the centre and east of Asturias, the Sierra del Sueve Mountain Range runs through many cities and parishes. Some of the most well-known are Ribadesella, Caravia, Parres, Colunga and Piloña. To be specific, Parres is where the mountains and valley unite perfectly and is a welcoming refuge that promises tranquility to every visitor. Crossing Parres, you’ll find Cofiño which is a mountain town that gives the impression that no time has passed at all.

From Cofiño you’ll be able to take many routes across the valley and its spectacular streams such as: Caín, Fontfría, Corteguera. Other towns are worth the visit in order to see the daily life of the locals, experience their hospitality (visitors are always welcomed), visit their restaurants and bars where excellent cuisine can always be found and, of course, visit the fantastic beaches of Colunga, the famous Cangas de Onís municipality and the impressive basilica of Covadonga .

In Cofiño you’ll find our new hotel in Asturias, an eco resort which offers guests all the services and facilities required to spend a few days doing what they want to do with the highest level of comfort imaginable. Our hotel also offers guests an incredible experience in a typical Asturian cottage with rich cuisine and a tranquil ambiance. At reception you can request all the necessary information about different routes to take in the natural surroundings engulfing the town and you can also enjoy sheer relaxation without even having to leave the hotel by taking advantage of our spa&wellness zone.

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