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Healthy routines for 2017


Healthy routines for 2017

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  • Jan. 4, 2017

The New Year’s resolutions must be done slowly, thinking through them carefully and being convinced that we are going to fulfill them. To make it a little easier, from Lu&Bo Luxury & Boutique Hotels we offer you the best spa hotels in Andorra, the Costa Brava, Istanbul and Argentina.

Conscious awareness in the new year: change these small vices and bad habits for easy and healthy routines that help us enjoy life to the fullest without giving up whims and slips, while always keeping the figure and health in perfect condition. Yes, we know that it’s not easy and that to transform some customs overnight into others is not as simple as it may sound when pronouncing and promising. Day by day, the rush, the stress and the obligations always upset us more than we would like... But those are only excuses and you know it.

That's why we propose a way to make this change more radical and based on the most solid emotional stability: during a holiday or at least a small break of 4 days. Choose one of the spa hotels from our portfolio, such as the Lu&Bo Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa or the Grau Roig Andorra Hotel & Spa and cleanse in depth the body and mind.

The spa sessions can be combined with very specific beauty and wellness treatments, tailored to your needs; and you can also practice outdoor sports, releasing all kinds of toxins and filling your lungs with pure nature. The gastronomy of our hotels will help you to establish good routines as we will offer you rich, traditional or fusion dishes, always light and healthy, and also adapted to allergies and intolerances (always inform the hotel before booking to confirm that we have everything ready when you arrive).

Also, in our spa hotels in Spain as well as in Argentina and Istanbul, you can join yoga classes in the most beautiful corners of the gardens and swimming pools. You will also enjoy spaces for cardio exercise, a gym for maintenance and many more options all routed so that your amendment purposes are a pleasure to fulfill.

And then, when returning home, remember to eat well, everything, but without going over board with the quantities; walk as much as you can and practice some sport of a specific intensity a couple times a week; stretch every half hour when on the computer even a couple of minutes and set aside the cellphone when it’s not strictly necessary: talk, share and look into the eyes. A hug in time is the best cure for everything.