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How do you build an igloo?


How do you build an igloo?

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  • Jan. 11, 2017

At Lu&Bo Hotels we experience the winter like no one else. That's why in our hotel in Andorra you can enjoy a really surprising activity: you will learn how to build igloos, the snow house that the Eskimos use as a refuge during their hunting trips. Yes, Eskimo architecture to combat the cold in the Pyrenees.

Do you want to be Eskimo for a day? If you are thinking of a snow holiday for this January, at our hotel in Andorra, Lu & Bo Grau Roig Hotel & Spa, you can join an Eskimo architecture workshop. And no, you do not have to be a child to enjoy it. Although it’s a plan designed to share with the children as a family, it’s the adults and groups of young people who come to enjoy their favorite mountain sport who also take advantage of and applaud this experience.

The igloo is the refuge that the Eskimos and the inhabitants of Arctic and Alaska use mainly during their seasons of hunting and for the westerners has always caught our attention. Its semi-spherical form and its main and only building material (made exclusively with blocks of ice) result in a design very different from that of the homes, as we understand them in Europe. And that’s more than enough to arouse our curiosity.

It should be noted that the igloo isn’t the usual house of an Eskimo, but a place where he spends seasons when he goes hunting. However, it’s true that since they are very simple to build, offer and maintain a lot of security for its inhabitants in cases of snowstorms, there are whole villages living in these curious constructions.

As we are snow lovers and we are always looking for new things to offer our guests where they can have different experiences and share special moments with their own, at Grau Roig Hotel & Spa at Lu&Bo Hotels we have designed an Igloo construction workshop. Supported and guided by a specialized monitor in this specific type of snow houses, if you join the course you will work the snow yourself (provided that the weather conditions and the snow itself allow it) to lift the igloo either with compact snow or with complete blocks. Once the igloo is built and secured you can use it as a refuge, take pictures and play around in yours.

For more information or to book your igloo construction class you just need to contact the hotel!