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Riudabella: a trip to the Middle Ages


Riudabella: a trip to the Middle Ages

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  • Jan. 25, 2017

History, the passage of time, art and memory of stones that have seen too many suns... The legacy of a thousand lives, the lights and shadows of routines and dreams. At Lu&Bo Hotels we keep one of the most beautiful secrets of Tarragona: the emblematic Castell de Riudabella, in Vimbodí, near the Monastery of Poblet. Find out.

Awaken and pass in the imagination through the walls. Overlooking the treetops that make up the nested forest of Vimbodí and walking in the shade of its paths, with the murmur of the nearby streams, the birds awakening and the freshness of the dawn in the middle of nature. Castell de Riudabella, one of the jewels of architecture and medieval essence of Catalonia, puts you on a platter in this parallel world of unique sensations and invites you to enjoy an experience that will take you directly to the Middle Ages.

Managed in an impeccable way, with passion for small details and for maintaining at all times that halo of magic that gives it its historical majesty, Castell de Riudabella is one of the most exclusive accommodations you will find in the portfolio of Lu&Bo Luxury & Boutique Hotels. Our pampered child within the carefully selected historic hotels Heritage Collection is a unique monumental space and one of the most exclusive and sought after accommodations in the famous Barberà basin and the wines of the Penedés.

With just one apartment and three suites, this castle is full of rooms and lounges perfect to host all kinds of celebrations giving them that fairy tale touch so special that only the Castell de Riudabella is able to achieve. Organizing a medieval wedding in this Catalan castle is one of the most original experiences that can arise, able to conquer couples, parents and guests. There are many wedding planners in Barcelona and Tarragona who are betting on this dream location for the weddings that search for something really full of charm.

The gardens and their surroundings represent another of its most towering attractions: located in the middle of a forest and a short drive from the historic Monastery of Poblet, it is considered one of the great jewels of World Heritage by UNESCO. Its select flowers, among the most showy and delicate, create an ideal environment to enjoy the spring evenings strolling before dinner or in the morning after breakfast.

The interior decoration of the hotel is impressive and proposes a view of what the castle could perfectly have been the castle in its origin (the walled construction, in fact, dates from the XII century). Large windows with spectacular draperies, high ceilings with wooden beams, handicraft doors, doors capable of keeping any secret, endless corridors, ancient books, medieval costumes and an exceptional signature wine cellar where you can find some of the most delicious and best cultivated wines from the Penedés basin. To match, the kitchen is completely homemade and traditional, served in the central dining room, as was done in the Middle Ages.

If you want to learn more about the history of this hotel and experience the exciting adventure of sleeping in an authentic 12th century castle in Tarragona, book your room in the Castell de Riudabella in the most comfortable way. Just a click away from here.