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Stories with a woman's name


Stories with a woman's name

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  • Jan. 18, 2017

At Lu & Bo Hotels we are loyal lovers of chance. Lovers of those anecdotes that make up the history of each one and that - with threads stitched at the whim of a god or myth - make people cross in a thousand unthinkable ways and make wonderful things happen, as we tell you here today.

Our history has a woman's name. In fact, it has the name of many women, all of them very special. The name of authentic heroines, whose art and wisdom left an indelible mark on the memory arriving to our days in multiple forms. One of them is a kind of transoceanic connection that has two main protagonists: the owners of two of our most exclusive hotels, the Lu & Bo Hotel Sant Pere del Bosc in Lloret de Mar, and the Lu & Bo Hotel Estancia Monte Viejo in Buenos Aires.

In spite of having an entire ocean of distance and not having been in contact at any moment, the owners of these two hotels chose to baptize each of the rooms in their establishments with names of women who marked a before and after in its time, in the history of their country and in their society. Under the seal of Lu & Bo Luxury & Boutique Hotels, both have been found at a common point from two opposing hemispheres.

Two women full of character that have wanted to honor other women with their work who were protagonists of unique stories, struggles, failures and complicated paths. Some with a happy ending, some not so much. Now, in two different places of the world, each one of them is given a simple recognition, but that manages to cross borders and to approach sister cultures beyond the differences. Names and stories that bring to everyone who chooses one of these rooms an experience and a different value, original and surprising.

Taking a tour of these rest areas with their own name, we find the master suite of the Lu & Bo Hotel Estancia Monte Viejo dedicated to Regina Pacini, a soprano of Portuguese origin who knew how to conquer with her talent, her voice and her intelligence one of the most remembered presidents of Argentina in the nineteenth century: Marcelo T. de Alvear. On the other side of the pond, the most luxurious rooms at the Lu & Bo Hotel Sant Pere del Bosc speak of characters such as the Galician poetess Rosalía de Castro, María Callas, the French character of Amélie and the Spanish alpinist Edurne Pasaban.

Behind each name, a story full of hard times, love and glory. Stories that become the framework, which each of the guests who stay in the rooms star day by day. A collage of unrepeatable experiences where what counts is the feeling, the essence and the ability to evoke, discover and enjoy.