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The thermal capital of the Czech Republic


The thermal capital of the Czech Republic

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  • March 15, 2017

Marienbad (Mariánské Lázne) is the most famous spa town in the Czech Republic, a place surrounded by nature; where water takes on a special role. Bordering Germany, this is a place of relaxation at any time of the year for those wishing to enjoy a peaceful and therapeutic break and is also the new location of Lu&Bo Hotels spa hotel.

For those needing an escape from the world and to get away from their frantic routines, the spa city of Marienbad has been one of the greatest points of reference for spa escapes in Europe since the 19th century, a natural hideaway where thousands of people come year after year to reconnect with their mind, body and soul.

The villa, besides being appreciated for the great therapeutic value of its waters and its history as a European spa, stands out for the majesty of its glorious features. Both the mountains and forests that surround it and the elegance of the architecture of its houses and palaces speak of past times in which the nobility of the Czech Republic shone in Central Europe with great splendor.

Its most glorious moment was the 19th century, but after some time it passed rather unnoticed. Now, it has re-emerged as the meeting point of the most elite in Europe during the holiday seasons, especially during winter, autumn and spring.

The spectacular gardens of Vaclava Skalnik are the heart of the village surrounded by the main streets, beautiful buildings, special boutiques and the wonderful Gorki Colonnade: a huge center with thermal springs with an intricate glass and metal structure dating from 1889. Its enormous dimensions make it a truly unique gem in the history of Czech architecture.

Marienbad retains its depth, intense soul and lyrical spirit left by many writers, philosophers and artists (Kafka, Mark Twain, Freud, Wagner, etc.) who have spent their days relaxing in their spas.

Nowadays, strolling around this beautiful city is a treat for the mind and body and a perfect place to reconnect with yourself, enjoy a few quiet romantic days with your partner or even spend a family holiday together along with the absence of day-to-day worries and obligations.

As a luxury destination on the rise, Lu&Bo Hotels has now added another hotel to its portfolio; one of the most emblematic hotels in Marienbad: the Esplanade Spa & Golf Resort. This is a completely renovated historic hotel on Karlovarska Avenue. An establishment that also has facilities for hosting weddings and business/social events.

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