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Unusual sports to kick-start an active lifestyle


Unusual sports to kick-start an active lifestyle

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  • Feb. 8, 2017

Yoga in a forest, paddle surf, polo and horse riding... Fulfilling your New Year's resolutions and changing into an active lifestyle can be both fun and easy. If you are bored by the usual sports – like swimming or running – try some of the sports that are all the rage all over the world.

Switching to a more active lifestyle is more often than not present on everyone's list, year after year. Then, after the first month spent at the gym or running in the park, most of us give in to laziness and just quit. In many cases this is because the sport we opted for doesn't interest us and it becomes just another obligation instead of an incentive, difficult to juggle with our daily routine.

To prevent that from happening again this year, we at Lu&Bo Hotels propose that you make the transition to an active lifestyle by trying more unusual sports that will get you hooked and can be enjoyed beyond the sense of just doing something healthy. You have probably heard of them many times, but never had the opportunity or courage to try them out. That is why we have included some of them at our boutique hotels in Spain and Argentina, making them part of a range of leisure activities offered by our establishments.

Yoga in the forest, for example. Those who have tried it say it is nothing like the yoga you practise in a gym or at home. Direct connection with nature in an idyllic setting makes this sport something truly unique. If you feel like giving it a go, book a room at the Lu&Bo Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa, where we offer yoga classes in the forests surrounding the hotel. Take the opportunity to try this relaxing sport during your holiday, and then you can continue practising it in parks or forests near your own home.

Polo and horse riding are other sports with a difference that can help you start a more active lifestyle in a very entertaining and friendly way. These sports are practised in close connection with horses, one of the most therapeutic animals in the world, improving your body as well as your mood, cleansing your mind. To try these sports, go for a holiday at Lu&Bo Estancia Monte Viejo, in Buenos Aires

For those who love the sea, paddle surf or paddle yoga are revolutionary concepts. Both promote coordination and improve on reflexes, harmony and body flexibility without requiring great physical effort. Also, since they are water sports, you get all the relaxing benefits of that element, with the added advantage of it being seawater – ideal for cleaning both your skin and your airways.

Don't hesitate: sign up now with Lu&Bo Hotels and get a healthier lifestyle.